Need some shed or garage advice prior to purchase?

When purchasing a shed kit or garage, professional advice is invaluable. Think about the shed’s purpose and how it will be constructed. If you’re unfamiliar with these processes, answering the following questions can be extremely helpful prior to the initial shed design stage. And if you’re still unsure of anything, you can always call Sheds One.

  • What is the purpose of the shed? E.g. Storage? Workshop? Retreat?
  • Where are the required services? E.g. sewerage, water, drainage, electricity
  • Have you allowed enough space in your dimensions for your required needs? E.g. size of vehicle, boat etc.
  • Does the block need extra earthworks to be a level working pad?
  • How much access is there for machinery to work at the shed site? Approximately 3 metres clearance is required for the vehicles to deliver concrete and the shed kit.
  • Can you provide directions to the site if it isn’t listed as a street number on a map?
  • Time frame limitations! Have you allowed enough time? Allow at least 4–8 weeks for council approval and kit manufacture. Installation follows and this will often depend on the weather.
Residential Sheds

The following information is required for council approval

  • Site plan – can be hand drawn
  • Sewerage plan – contact your local council for a copy
  • RP/SP – details are on rates notice
  • Area – nominate size of land or block
  • Postal address – if different to shed site

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